We have a large selection of prom/evening dresses in our sale from £49.00 in store



Not all dresses pictured are in our store, but we can try to get one for you to try on, subject to availability.



PF9147 Lace & Chiffon available in Pale Pink, Powder Blue & Blush

PF9147 Red UK16 in store


PF9262 Chiffon available in Blackcurrant, Blush Navy & Red

PF9262 Red UK 16 in store


PF9267 Tulle: Royal Blue

PF9267 Royal Blue UK 18 in store


PF9283 Lace & Chiffon: Available in Tiffany Blue, Royal, Blush Pink, Red & Champagne 


PF9284 Chiffon: Navy Only 


PF9288 Chiffon: Blush Pink & Navy

PF9288 Navy UK 20 in store


PF9319 Stretch Satin: Dark Green Only


PF9322 Tulle: Blackcurrant, Navy & Red

PF9322 Red Uk 14 in store


PF9326 Chiffon: Silver, Strawberry & Tiffany Blue


PF9382 Chiffon: Champagne/Gunmetal & Navy

PF9386 Stretch Satin 2 Piece: Pewter Ombre & Navy Ombre


PF9388 Stretch Satin: Grey & Navy


PF9389 Satin: Pale Blue Only


PF9392 Jersey 2 Piece: Pewter & French Navy


PF9393 Tulle/Jersey : Navy/Nude & Grey/Nude

PF9393 Grey/Nude UK 12 in store


PF9397 Chiffon: Silver & Jade


PF9400 Lace & Chiffon: Lavender Only

PF9400 Lavender UK 14 in store


PF9402 Chiffon: Navy & Dusky Rose


PF9403 Chiffon: Navy & Cream


PF9404 Chiffon: Blackcurrant & Silver


PF9405 Lace & Chiffon: Aqua, Blush & Champagne 


PF9410 Jersey: French Navy & Red


PF9411 Jersey: Royal Blue & Champagne 

PF9411 Champagne UK 8 in store


PF9412 Satin: Blackcurrant & Silver


PF9415 Satin: Red & Royal Blue

PF9421 Stretch Satin/Jersey: Sapphire Blue & Red

PF9422 Jersey: Champagne & Dark Green

PF9423 Stretch Satin: Vintage Rose & Red

PF9424 Jersey: Dusky Pink, Blackcurrant & Midnight Blue

PF9424 Midnight Blue UK 8 in store

PF9450 Chiffon: Tea Rose/Gunmetal & Blush/Gunmetal

PF9450 Blush/Gunmetal UK 16 in store

PF9451 Jersey: Black/Rose Gold & Navy/Silver

PF9451 Black/Rose Gold UK 10 in Store

PF9453 Jersey: Black only

PF9455 Sequin: Rose Gold only

PF9456 Jersey: Pewter & Dark Wine

PF9457 Chiffon: Damson & Champagne

PF9458: Navy/Nude only

PF9459 Chiffon: Pine & Wine

PF9460 Chiffon: Tea Rose & Navy

PF9463 Jersey/Tulle: Royal Blue & Champagne

PF9465 Chiffon: Pine only

PF9467 Jersey: Aubergine & Dark Green

PF9468 Jersey: Navy/Nude & Dark Wine/Nude

PF9471 Jersey: Black/Nude & Mocha/Nude also available in Red

PF9472 Chiffon: Lavender & Powder Blue

PF9473 Chiffon: Damson, Pale Pink & Powder Blue

PF9474 Jersey: Silver only

PF9480 Jersey: Aubergine, Slate & French Navy

PF9481 Chiffon: Champagne & Blue

PF9482 Tulle: Green, Rose Gold & Black

PF9485 Jersey/Tulle: Silver/Grey Feathers only

PF9486 Jersey/Tulle: Silver Grey only

PF9487 Jersey: Black only

PF9487 Black UK 10 in store

PF9488 Jersey: French Navy only

PF9489 Jersey: Navy only

PF9490 Satin/Tulle: Red & Pink/Silver Grey

PF9492 Tulle: Rose Gold & Silver

PF9497 Jersey: Wine & Royal Blue

PF9500 Jersey: Wine & Silver

PF9501 Jersey: Black, Red & Purple

                               PF9502 Chiffon: Champagne only

PF9503 Jersey: Purple & Black

PF9505 Lace: Black & Royal Blue

PF9505 Royal Blue UK 14 in store

PF9506 Chiffon: Blush, Lavender & Blackcurrant

PF9507 Jersey: Emerald Green & Black

PF9509 Jersey: Midnight/Silver & Blackcurrant/Silver

PF9510 Chiffon: Petrol & Black

PF9513 Jersey: Bordeaux & Midnight

PF9514 Chiffon: Emerald & Silver

PF9516 Jersey: Red & Black

PF9517 Chiffon: Blackcurrant & Petrol

PF9517 Blackcurrant UK 12 in store

PF9518 Chiffon: Blush & Red

PF9519 Jersey: Red & Slate

PF9520 Chiffon: Blush & Berry

PF9520 Berry UK 18 in store

PF9521 Satin/Lace: French Navy & Dark Red

PF9522 Tulle/Lace: Navy & Blackcurrant

PF9524 Chiffon: Duck Egg Blue & Lavender

PF9526 Jersey: Black, Champagne, Royal Blue & Red

PF9530 Jersey: Midnight & Blackcurrant