Illusion Prom & Evening Dresses from Tiffanys

Finding that perfect dress for your prom or leaver’s ball doesn’t require a fairy godmother, if you shop with Bee Bee gowns; our expert team may not be endowed with magical powers but our experience and knowledge in picking Illusion prom dresses and Illusion evening dresses of the highest quality and eye for detail ensures our Westcountry customers benefit from a rich and exciting range of choice at consistently competitive prices. At Bee Bee Gowns, we work tirelessly and passionately to make sure our customers, always have the best choice and choice possible.

How can we talk Illusion prom dresses, evening dresses and ball dresses without discussing the eponymous Cinderella dress? The ever popular princess prom dresses and ball gowns vary in their fullness, as our collection shows, but one thing all ball dresses have in common is the instant wow-factor of arriving at your prom in a fairy-tale fashion or cloud of bejeweled tulle, like Cinderella herself. Our ball dresses are named to reflect the individual and unique style of each design and offer a range of option to wearers, not just in their vivid and varied choice of colours and cuts; amidst a myriad of ball dresses ensure you stand out by opting for a Tiffany’s ball gown with the added magic of a classic sweetheart neckline or beaded overskirt to truly express your twinkling personality.

Because we know every prom has its own theme or colour scheme and every attendee has their own style though, Tiffany’s aren’t just experts when it comes to the classic Cinderella style prom dresses; express your kitsch style in rich fuchsia pink or cool confidence in a bold blue A line, which combines the best of the fairytale dream with depth and sophistication. Bee Bee's stock a number of Illusion prom dresses and Illusion evening dresses for the fashionistas who keep clued up on current couture trends and prefer the elegant or edgy to the ethereal when it comes to prom dresses. Browse our slinky mermaid dresses which are fitted with a flourish of flare, instantly providing prom dresses with a sophisticated, stylish look to celebrate your natural curves without forfeiting some of the fun and fullness of traditional fairy-tale ball dresses. 

Our sumptuous range of column, mermaid and empire line style Illusion prom dresses and Illusion evening dresses come in a mix of rich and daring and delicate colours, from pearly pinks to intense teals; browse our prom dresses to discover the added touches and flashes of beading, wrap around detail, asymmetric layering and precision folds to glittering bodice detailing.


Addison by Illusion Prom

Black, Cornflower, Dark Green, Charcoal, Ivory, Navy & Wine

Adrianne by Illusion Prom

Green, Mocha, Navy, Royal & Ivory 
Also in Blush, Grape & Pale Blue

Anna by Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Navy, Plum, Red & Royal

Aubrey By Illusion Prom

Black, Blush & Periwinkle

Autumn By Illusion Prom

Charcoal & Mocha

Bella By Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Ivory, Navy, Wine & Red

Blake by Illusion Prom

Black, Ivory, Navy & Royal

Bridget By Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Navy & Wine.

Brooke by Illusion Prom

Black, Royal, Wine, Red & Navy

Bryony by Illusion Prom

Navy & Red

Cali by Illusion Prom

Black, Peacock, Rose gold & Wine

Clemence by Illusion Prom

Navy, Grey, Stone, Peacock & Wine
Also in Blush

Cora by Illusion Prom

Black, Grey & Mocha

Cristie by Illusion Prom

Black, Mocha, Red & Navy

Dominique by Illusion Prom

Mocha, Peacock & Silver

Electra by Illusion Prom

Mocha, Navy, Peacock & Silver

Emily by Illusion Prom

Crystal & Navy

Felicity by Illusion Prom

Red & Royal

Geri by Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Plum, Red, Navy & Royal

Gigi by Illusion prom

Black, Green, Navy, Royal & Red

Isobellla by Illusion Prom

Navy, Petrol & Dark Red

Jewel by Illusion Prom

Silver & Sand

Jojo by Illusion Prom

Black, Dark Red, Grey & Navy

Kat by Illusion Prom

Navy, Stone, Teal & Wine

Kelsey by Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Ivory, Wine & Navy

Kenny by Illusion Prom

Black/Black, Grey/Charcoal & Navy/Rose Gold 

Kiran 2 piece by Illusion Prom

Navy & Pewter

Laurelle by Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Ivory, Navy & Wine

Lorna by Illusion Prom

Black/Silver, Plum/Charcoal, Navy/Charcoal & Red 
Also in Charcoal

Luna by Illusion Prom

Navy, Red & Wine
Also in Emerald, Black, Cadbury & Stone

Madison by Illusion Prom

Also Black, Red, Stone & Navy

Madeline by Illusion Prom

Wine, Rose Gold & Navy

Margot by Illusion Prom

Also Navy, Red, Royal & Silver

Megan by Illusion Prom

Black/Multi & Charcoal/Silver
Also Navy/Rose Gold

Monica by Illusion Prom

Wine, Mocha & Grey

Nancy by Illusion Prom

Black, Charcoal, Navy, Red  & Stone
Also Royal, Salmon & Wine

Nicola by Illusion

Blush/Gold & Aqua/Gold

Nyla by Illusion prom

Black & Gold

Patsy by Illusion Prom

Ivory, Pale Blue, Rose & Silver

Pippa by Illusion Prom

Navy, Blush, Teal, Mocha & Charcoal 

Pixie by Illusion Prom

Emerald, Rose Gold, Navy & Wine

Rita by Illusion Prom

Black, Charcoal, Teal & Wine

Also in Dark Red 

River by Illusion Prom

Navy, Red, Royal & Silver

Rosie by Illusion Prom

Burgundy, Navy & Teal

Sabrina by Illusion Prom

Charcoal, Ivory, Navy & Red
Also in Wine

Samira by Illusion Prom

Black, Red, Charcoal, Salmon, Teal, Wine & Duck Egg
Also in Navy 

Sasha by Illusion Prom

Grey, Black, Dark Green & Mocha

Simone by Illusion Prom

Navy, Champagne & Red

Tara by Illusion Prom

Black, Charcoal & Wine
Also in Red, Navy & Purple

Tori by Illusion Prom

Silver, Cornflower & Grape

Trinity by Illusion Prom

Dark Red, Grape, Periwinkle & Plum
Also in Grey, Mocha & Navy

Venus by Illusion Prom

Silver, Grape, Vanilla & Cornflower

Victoria by Illusion Prom

Peacock, Mocha,silver & Ivory

Vivienne by Illusion Prom

Navy, Black & Red

Wren by Illusion Prom

Peacock, Plumb & Navy

Zara by Illusion Prom

Red, Navy, Charcoal, Plum & Royal